AMSAT-Australia News

FO-29 operational for Christmas 2011.

25th December 2011, 9.30pm, Paul - VK2TXT

FO-29 has been re-activated in the past day or so for operations over JA. Some AMSAT-VK members have successfully made contacts over Australia in the past day or so - myself included. Hopefully FO-29 will remain operational for some time.

I hope to make contact with members via 29 over the Christmas / New Year holiday season.

73's, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

AMSAT-Australia & the Ozsatgroup unite

 9 April 2008, 9.00am, Paul - VK2TXT

Inline with our ongoing efforts to work more closely with Amsat
Australia, and with a view to stream-line the operations of both
groups, the Ozsatgroup and Amsat-Australia have announced plans to amalgamate. The new group will drop the Ozsatgroup name and will be known as Amsat-Australia or Amsat-VK.

The merger of the organisations will progress over the coming weeks, and will minimally impact the current members of the Ozsatgroup. The main change will be in the name, rather than any operational difference. Shortly the Ozsatgroup and Amsat-Australia websites will be merged and updated. The Ozsatgroup Yahoo group will be renamed to the Amsat-VK Group. Ozsatgroup members do not need to do anything, and will be advised when the site names change.

For the first time in some years, AMSAT-Australia will become membership based, and will be modelled on the current structure of
the Ozsatgroup. To become a new member of AMSAT-Australia will only require signing-up to the Yahoo group. Existing Ozsatgroup members will automatically become members of AMSAT-Australia and the Amsat-VK group. Membership of AMSAT-Australia will be free, with no on-going costs to members. The operators who are currently on the AMSAT-Australia mailing list who are not already members of the Ozsatgroup will be advised of the changes and will be sent an invitation to become members of AMSAT-Australia.

AMSAT-Australia & Ozsatgroup amalgamate
A united voice for Australian Amateur Satellite operators.

 AMSAT-Australia will be coordinated by Paul Paradigm – VK2TXT, taking over the position from Graham Ratcliff – VK5AGR who is retiring after many years of service. Judy Williams – VK2TJU will continue her role as secretary and forum moderator.

More exciting changes are to come later in the year, such as acompletely new AMSAT-Australia website and the launch of the Australia Amateur Satellite FAQ.