I am interested in combining signal processing and machine learning to solve research problems in music information retrieval and music technology. Currently, I am graduate student at Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology (GTCMT) and I am working as a graduate research assistant with Prof. Alexander Lerch. Prior to this, I have completed Masters in ECE at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB) with specialization in Signal Processing and Electronic Systems. I was awarded Upantya Visharad certificate by Gandharva Mahavidyalay in Hindustani Classical Vocal music. I received my music training from my mother, Seema Vidwans (M.A. in Music), and later from Pandit Nayan Ghosh, a renowned sitar player. I was awarded First class with distinction for Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering by Mumbai University (Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai).

My background of signal processing and music helped me to contribute towards research problems at IITB under the guidance of Prof. Preeti Rao Here, I have worked on the CompMusic project funded by European Research Council and supervised by Prof. Xavier Serra for culture specific automatic description of music.

Research Interests: Music Information Retrieval, Audio and Speech Signal Processing, Machine Learning.

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