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Elixir 1.0 :

 So the question is what am I doing here @ Infy Research & Development........ trying to do something which the people outside will consider new. Do the people outide matter to me, yes they do because of my self interest manifested in this. I want my work to be deployed in front of my eyes not long after I am gone, else I would have worked for teleportation of biological cells.

Anyways, the current scene is Wireless Sensor network systems. You know what all these nano technology, Biological science, eletrical engineering, parallel computations  etc will merge into one in the coming days. The utimate invention that Human beings can make is to design Humaoids , electrical machines capable of thinking and reproducing. This will be the age of Star wars and the world is about to witness this in next 300 years or may be 250 years.

So do not worry about Global warming, human beings are racing towards their end with other means too.

Imagine what I am doing on a larger scale, sensors for everything , even for human emotions being transmitted to an intelligent computer which can even make its own features , i.e in simple terms rules for what to do next. This is not impractical. 5 more years and it shall be there in the most robust forms.

10 more years and like mobiles you would have household robots in all affluent homes in India doing the regular chores.

Ok.. leaving the dreams and the actual thing .. Elixir

It is a beginning of a solution to a robust Wireless sensor network Abstraction system, which is presently being employed for Climate monitoring, next building Automation , then again , bridge and tunnel monitoring systems and so on , one thought for Siva's idea , infy would be well off to manufacture or design its own Wireless sensor Nodes.


Rest ..later ...time to give my brain and body cells some protiens and carbohydrates to carry on .. leaving for lunch.

The Conf  Management:

         You just wanted to schedule a first dinner date with your "Sonia" in an hour. You just google through to get the best thai restaurant in the city, don't know why she likes "thai" but right now thai restaurant is important.

You just check the most popular restaurants , then what !!! call each restaurant to check if the seats are available and that too with those available at the rooftop and near the pool. Obviously,little awkward to demand all these in the call.

 Then you just see, the restaurant has a live check display there, which gives you a topology of which are parkings available for your first dates. The topology shows all the arrangement of the restaurant and the tables that are not reserved. You check that there is the one in the corner of the roof,more importantly the corner is nearly empty , the tables near you are vacant ... great ..... i don't want lots of attention when I propose her in the true bollywood style.....

You book the table and dream of the dream date, no matter the dreams are shattered when she says she is already engaged.......

But ..... you would agree the process was all guud ........... :).... right now doing some stuff for the conference rooms for official dates ......................