My Desktop

I use fairly a new one with a p4 with Non-HT CPU  coupled with a Intel 865GBF motherboard. I run a Windows XP and Linux 2.6.12 kernel

CPU P4 2.4 Northgate with 1 mb L1 Cache 533Mhz.

CRT-17inch HP-mx205

120 GB Harddisk

52x CD writer

Old PC.

It was a old war horse. Almost 8 years old. But still it is a loyal servant

Intel 600Mhz Celeron

Intel 810 motherboard

My Sound System

2 Sonondyne Book shelf speakers: 60/65 Watts RMS

Type : Sonus

Freq resp : 45~22Khz

Crossover : 1.5khz

 Active subwoofer : 8 inch Front firing.

Planning to have a pair of Genie1 for Surround speakers

CD player : samsung p650 with SACD and DVD-Audio

Satellite Receiver

Bpl Diva

 My Collection

Almost 400+ cassettes

 100+ CDs