My triats and character ( according to my Zodiac)


Aquarius Positive Traits

Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual

Aquarius Negative Traits

Intractable and contrary
Perverse and unpredictable
Unemotional and detached

Aquarius Personality Profile

One of the most friendliest people you will find, The Aquarius sun sign is the one you can count on to stand by your side and comfort you when you are feeling blue. They are good listeners, and care deeply for their friends. To people they are not close to however, they can be somewhat detached.

You can also count on this astrological sign to be loyal and trust worthy. Very seldom if ever, will they give into temptations that would betray a loved one. The aquarius sun sign is true blue and loyal. They are one of the first to sign up to server their country, and will give their lives defending her.

They can be counted on to come up with original ideas. They make good designers and inventors as well as musicians. These intellectuals excel in the arts as well as the technical trades.

The Flag of Aquarius is light blue. It is a color which inspires the sense of infinite perspective. It enlarges the space and manifests the subconscious, creating the impression of clarity, affection and friendship. It separates from the reality and tunes on dreams, suggesting endeavors of the supernatural and carelessness. Blue is the color of thought and fantasy. Born from physical passivity, it is the most distant and cold color, indicating remote contours of things, renovation and travel. It has the form of circle, widening and dissolving into space.



 Electric blue, shocking pink, flourescent hues. All the bright colours of the rainbow are the colours of Uranus, ruler of Aquarius.



Sapphire, opal and chalcedony.




 Cornus and eucalytus.


 Orchids, pelargorium and hibiscus.



Zodiac symbol

The Water-Bearer

Known as

The Truth-seeker

Ruling planet

Uranus & Saturn




Sky blue

Aquarius virtues

Great intellectual power, ability to communicate and to form and understand abstract concepts, love for the new and avante-garde

Negative traits

Coldness, rebelliousness for its own sake, fixed ideas


   If i ever i want to be a rebel/revolutionary, i want to be like Che.......

  The true revolutionary is guided, by a great feeling of love.

Hatred as an element of the struggle; a relentless hatred of the enemy, impelling us over and beyond the natural limitations that man is heir to and transforming him into an effective, violent, selective and cold killing machine. Our soldiers must be thus; a people without hatred cannot vanquish a brutal enemy.
—Che Guevara (message to the Tricontinental; 1967)
Many will call me an adventurer - and that I am, only one of a different sort: one of those who risks his skin to prove his platitudes.
—Che Guevara