Community TV for Monterey County

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amp TV appears on the following cable channels in Monterey County

amp1 - Public Access TV is on Channel 24

amp2 - Community TV is on Channel 27
Monterey Channel, Marina TV & Peninsula Government channels all appear on your own Channel 25

amp1 - Public Access TV,
amp2 - Community TV and all government channels
are available on Channel 99.

Select your city from the on-screen menu.
The available channels will then be shown as menu choices.

amp channels are not available via satellite services such as DirecTV and Dish Network.

ampmedia is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.   Here is our certification.
Donations are tax-exempt.  Click here to donate.

amp wants to ensure that media creation and distribution skills and tools are available to everyone in our community, enabling: 
· a  platform for or the cultivation of freedom of speech and creative ideas
· the preservation of participatory democracy
· the presentation of local, community-relevant stories, forums, events and culture
· the use of media as a tool for nonprofit, governmental and other community organizations as they pursue their missions
amp accomplishes this through:
· cable TV and Internet broadcasts
· a community media center with studios and equipment available to local residents
· media literacy and production training 
· partnerships with community groups, schools and agencies

amp's Community Media Center staff can help you make effective use of electronic media for little or no cost.

Whatever your media needs, we can help you use media to your best advantage. 

Here is more about what we do.

Access Monterey Peninsula is the premier resource promoting and enabling local government, the general public, and community organizations to effectively communicate using electronic media.

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