Community TV for Monterey County

amp TV appears on the following cable channels in Monterey County

amp1 - Public Access TV is on Channel 24

amp2 - Community TV is on Channel 27
Monterey Channel, Marina TV & Peninsula Government channels all appear on your own Channel 25

amp1 - Public Access TV,
amp2 - Community TV and all government channels
are available on Channel 99.

Select your city from the on-screen menu.
The available channels will then be shown as menu choices.

amp channels are not available via satellite services such as DirecTV and Dish Network.

Public Access  Free Speech Channel 

Your Community TV  featuring Arts and Information  

City of Monterey Government    
. ..

Marina Government 

Peninsula Government  for Seaside and Pacific Grove  

All amp on-demand Channels

Click the Videos tab to select a channel.  
Or select a Playlist for videos on demand.  
You can also type any text into the Search box to look for a specific vide

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