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  • AMP Board Meeting Minutes from June 2015

    AMP Board of Directors Regular Meeting  Thursday June 18, 2015 - 5:00 PM

    AMP Studios and Community Media Center - Heritage Harbor – Suite 200E - Monterey, CA

    (Agenda incorporates items posted for May 2015 meeting canceled due to lack of quorum)

    1.     Come to Order/Establish Quorum

    Meeting called to order at 5:03 Present: Fred Cohn, John Ittelson, Mark Baer, Timothy Barrett, Paul Michel, Nancy Amadeo, Bill Peake, Gary Cocola

    Absent: Hamish Tyler: Bob Evans: Mitch Winik     Quorum established  Paul Present: Paul Congo and Amy Neal

    2.     Public Comments (3 minutes per presentation)

    No public comment

    3. Board Minutes from 4/16/2015: Review and Consider Approval

    Motion to approve minutes: First: Cohn, Second: Ittelson – Motion approved unanimously

    4. Financial Reports by Executive Director

    a. Cash Flow Projections

    Updated as of 6/18/15; based on proposed budget through 9/30/15; final audit payment 6,500

    b. Profit & Loss Estimated to End of Current Fiscal Year

    Net income projected to be in excess of 125,000 based on increased income and underspending in certain categories: the overage in Equipment parts was not due to a large unexpected purchase; staff to prepare analysis of telecommunications line item for Board.

    c. Presentation of FY 2015-16 Operating and Capital Budget

    Expenses based closely on this year’s actuals; income increased by PEG income from City of Pacific Grove

    5. Board of Directors Committees and Reports

    a. Executive Committee

    Report on June Meeting of Regional Media Center Representatives (Santa Cruz, Gilroy and Monterey)

    Meeting held on June 5, 2015: discussed lots of opportunities for collaboration, such as, a regional channel, creation of a regional tourism loop, sharing of staff, and event productions, Congo to help train their staff on use of Telvue system

    Review of Concerns Regarding California Open Meetings Law (Brown Act)

    Amadeo reported that two items in the Attorney General’s guidelines seemed to indicate that AMP should be in compliance with the Brown Act

      • That AMP received its initial funding from the City of Monterey, which is a public agency
      • That AMP has Board members that serve on Public Councils

    Amadeo also provided a guide to compliance from the County of Monterey’s Counsel in May 2015, staff to summarize and provide to Board member

    b. Marketing Committee - Report on Initial Meeting of Committee (members Gary Cocola, Paul Congo and Bob Evans)

    Committee decided that two most pressing items were fundraising and raising public perception of what, where, and who AMP is. They discussed a reception event set for 11 Sept 2015 to raise awareness. It would be an event that would incorporate visual art, performing arts, live productions and our various partnerships with the Jazz Festival and The Sanctuary. Mr. Cocola donated a large screen plasma TV as a door prize at this event. Board members contributed several ideas for future meetings of this committee: such as reaching out to the Coast Weekly for a feature on AMP, and a Producer’s Festival

    Also discussed was the upcoming Alliance For community Media Conference in August and the need to become part of regional and national advocacy groups in regards to diminishing PEG funding as TV evolves away from Cable Broadcasting towards online digital streaming.

    6. Resolutions

    a. Appoint Bill Peake (Pacific Grove Councilmember) to Fill Board Director Vacancy

    Motion to appoint Bill Peake: First: Ittleson, Second: Cohn– Motion approved unanimously

    b. Adopt FY 2015-16 Operating and Capital Budget

    Motion to adopt the FY 2015-2016 Operating and Capital Budget: First: Cocola, Second: Baer– Motion approved unanimously

     c. Adopt as Policy that AMP Will Follow Brown Act Requirements

    Motion to adopt Brown Act Requirements and to notify the appropriate City Councils that we are doing so: First: Ittelson, Second: Cohn– Motion approved unanimously

     d. Hold a Public Event in September and Initiate a Membership and Giving Campaign

    Motion to direct the Marketing Committee to create an outreach campaign: First: Barrett, Second: Cocola– Motion approved unanimously

    Motion to hold a Grand Premiere Event: First: Ittleson, Second: Peake– Motion approved unanimously

    NOTE: Mr. Cocola left at 6:30, not included in subsequent votes

    e. Develop an Annual Board Meeting Calendar

    Motion to direct staff to prepare a draft calendar with Board Meeting dates (including the Annual Meeting) and Committee Meeting Dates, through the calendar year 2015: First: Ittelson, Second: Barrett– Motion approved unanimously

    7.  Items for Future Consideration

    Report on Technology by staff; Brown Act Training; Discussion of future directions/projects, now that cash flow is stabilized; Fiber optics status on the Monterey Peninsula and the changing technology; Google Docs Training; AMP By-Laws, Executive Committee to bring items for consideration; Board Membership; Alliance Conference attendees

    8.  Announcements  No announcements 

    9.  Establish Upcoming Meeting Date(s)  Executive Committee July 2, 2015;  Board July 16, 2015

    10. Adjournment Adjourned at 6:50pm

    Posted Jul 21, 2015, 3:09 PM by Paul Congo
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Paul Congo,
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