Amphibious antique car passenger tours, the real ride in an original civilian amphibious car

This is for real, This antique roadster is a true mass production amphibious car built in the 60' !

ballade en voiture amphibie

On board this car you will appreciate a one of a kind passenger tour, riding both on land and on the water.

You will discover the wild life of the main french river ' Le Rhône '. Back on the ground, you will keep an unforgettable 'souvenir' from this amphibious ride still unique in Europe. 

Please.. Welcome on board !

After few meters rolling on the beach, the car will smoothly enter the water and will instantly behave as a boat.

The whole family will have a great fun. Once on the river, the very young passengers will have a chance to ask the captain to get the permission to hold the ship's wheel.

Tours are possible for any one with no limitation at all regarding age, physical condition what so ever.

The amphibious car will be driven by our "chauffeur" and will welcome up to 3 adult passengers

 ( or 2 adults and 2 childrens )


We are always Open all year long* , 7 days a week but you have to place a reservation first ! 

Call any time + 33 6 16 74 42 56   or send a mail to 


* Restrictions can occur for safety reasons , ie climate, etc .

Meeting point:      in MONTALIEU  VERCIEU (F-38390) , in front of Tourism office of " Vallée Bleue, Rive Gauche" 
on Google map's enquiry field, just enter the key words  "  La voiture amphibie " 


Located in France, beetween Lyon and Geneva, 50 km East from Lyon, A42, exit "PEROUGES", then follow the direction " LAGNIEU", then follow " GRENOBLE " then "Vallée Bleue RIVE GAUCHE", and your are arrived