Die waarheid in Suid Africa vandag.

(The truth in South Africa today)

20190508 Sung in Afrikaans but, if you follow the video, there is no need to know the words.

Swim with the fishes

20190427 I forst saw this in 2011. It's about a little dog who befriendds a dolphin in Florida. A truly lovely video.

Fox hunting

20190424 Ampers take on Fox Hunting, in music.

Warning, it is a little scary to see what Brownie Magee and Sonny Terry can do with a harmonica!

UKIP Press Conference

20190419 Interesting, Although Nigel Farage deeply wounded Gerard Batten with really wicked insults, only once did the UKIP leader mention Farage, and that was to credit him with a lot of early UKIP publicity! An inspired speech - his party may get my vote.

Unbelievable story of success

20190405 Do watch this to the end, this loser became a millionaire!

The Planet's on fire!

20190405 This is the best definition about Global Warming you will ever, ever, watch! Followed by a second video by a Swedish Nobel Laureate on the same subject.

Is Fascism a left wing or eight wing problem?

20190405After an investigation this American university came up with this answer

Nandos Advert in South Africa

20190405 ... not politically correct, which is why I love it!

Dr Steve Turley

20190405 This American pushes out up to ten videos, all roughly ten minutes in length, of the politics of Europe, the United States and the rest of the world.

What to do with those bulldog clips

20190410 Here a young Korean chap gives you many different uses around the home or office.

Da-idi by Guillaume

20190411 A Cape Town colored singer - and the political correct brigade can shut up. Coloureds are not referred to as black and they don't like to be in the Cape - he sings in Afrikaans but you don't need to understand the language.