We Afrikaners are a tough breed

We Afrikaners are a tough breed!

This was taken when I was the official photographer at an Afrikaans festival at Wembley in 2003. 8,000 Afrikaners came from all over Europe and Britain for the weekend.

There were South African politicians, and lot's of singers were flown in, including Sonia Hersholdt, Dozi, Pieter Smith, Gilliume, Patricia Lewis and Theuns Jordaan.

Note the bare feet. No matter how hot the ground is, after school, off come the shoes and socks for the rest of the day, evenings and all weekends.

When I came to Britain, my soles were as tough as leather.

And the two bottles, one for water and one for an energy drink. A tough chick, and when older, you will learn not to mess with Afrikaans girls.

My favourite photo of that weekend.