What's happening

What's Happening?

Last alteration to this page: 10th May

We read of business network meetings; so we have now started social networking meetings. What's good enough for business people is good enough for us!

We now meet once a month on the third Saturday at 10:15am in Bites Coffee House near the Finchley Central station.?

There's also a worldwide pastime called Geocaching. Follow the link, this is fun to do in groups. A decade or so ago, I did one on a beach in South Africa. It was fun. Did it once in Finchley but not such fun unless you do it in small groups. We hope to start this in June, weather permitting.

And if Just Finchley takes off, maybe trips to restaurants, the cinema, the theatre, who knows?


  • Our first coffee meetup was at Bites Coffee House, 362 Regents Park Road, just south of Finchley Central station on Saturday 18th May at 10:15am, although only four turned up, it was a good meeting. The coffee room is right through at the back. Contact me at andrew@ampers.me.uk if you'd like to know more, but it is just a few locals getting together to meet each other for coffee. We will also discuss the possibility of getting involved with Geocaching - click on the link. It might be an American idea but there are over 100 caches hidden within walking distance of Bites Coffee House.
  • I will be wearing a brown leather waistcoat, gold rimmed specs, grey and brown hair - alas more grey than brown!

I have just found out that Bites have changed their closed on Sundays & Public Holiday policy. They're now open every day of the year other than Easter Sunday and Christmas day.

I'm beginning to promote this site also in North Finchley and if we get sufficient members, I am thinking of meeting in North Finchley, around the Tally Ho corner (there's a nice French cafe there). In due course, I will also deliver our website leaflets in East Finchley and we could meet in Choraks there, but as I'm retired I can only deliver a few hundred a week.

Items for sale The item will be removed when sold

Readers items for sale, Must contain contact details otherwise what's the point? And, the idea is not to make money, but rather to find a home for some cherished possession.

In 1970 I built up "Network" in London to 800 members holding over 100 events every month (the membership fee was 36% of the gross weekly salary). My rivals were London Village and The Intervarsity Club. I was friendly with Intervarsity's chairman, David Vine, but deadly enemies with the owner of London Village, Brrian Snelgrove - but we've made friends now and he's coming to my eightieth in July. I have added this just to show this can be done, and relax, I have no intention of charging a fee!