Inexpensive websites

So, you want your own website?

Would you like a simple website like Ampers’ Rants?

I can build this for you.

In business everyone must have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Mine is simply that, during my 80 years I may have made all the mistakes possible but I have also built up a few businesses and sold them. I can help you to produce a website which won’t come back and bite you on your ankle! Future bosses check applicants' websites, future spouses do as well! Just to name two pitfalls!

Another USP is, now I am retired-ish, I don’t need the money so charge the same as the Government’s minimum wage for an eighteen year old in London. £10.20 an hour.

A benefit of using Google’s new website builder is that it is clean and smart, as you can see if you’ve got this far. And it’s free! Google will host your website built with their web builder free of charge.

If you would rather have your own WWW name, rather than Google’s long address, this is very reasonable; after you’ve saved on any special offers, it is still less than a tenner a year! It is also possible to have your own email address using the same name as your website for three or four pounds a month. Neither of the amounts mentioned in this paragraph go to me.

There is no charge for the first hour if you fill in the form below. The idea here is when I get the form, it will enable me to give you more out of our initial free meeting whether face to face or by video using Google Duo.

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