First time visitors

Dear first time visitor

Thank you for coming to this page.

Initially, I wrote articles using WordPress [2004-2011] then moved to Google's Blogger [2011-2019] but they both had one weakness. Readers can't just choose the subjects they are interested in. So I decided to build my own website so I could give readers the option of just reading the subjects they are interested in. Consequently I lost readers in 131 countries as I had to start again from scratch.

Now I list my articles in separate subject categories so visitors can just choose the subjects which interest them.

This site is for all English speaking people (whether their first language or not - mine isn't) in the world. Just Finchley is a little extra aimed at people living in a specific area of London. You can safely ignore it if you don't live in Finchley!

If you live in America - these are not spelling errors, the English spell things differently. If you live in England, I used to live in America - they aren't spelling errors. America spells things differently from Britain! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Dating articles

When you visit, the first page will have two dates. The first is when a structural alteration has been made and the second, the date the last article was posted.

The main Article and Media pages are content pages, and these will have dates against each section of when the last article was posted in that section.

When you enter a section, you will see a list of all the articles in that section. This is when you find the date previous articles have been posted in the format of 20190405 as year (4) Month (2) Day (2) So, in this case the date was 5th April 2019.

Did you arrive here from a leaflet?

I don't just deliver leaflets, but ensure that there is no post sticking out of your letterbox - so there's not that indication the house is empty. It hurts my hand but is a thank you for putting up with my leaflet. I ignore junk mail as this is not a business sales leaflet, it is about 80 years of experience. Fifteen in Africa, three in the USA (with short excursions into Canada and Mexico) and three years in NATO in Paris.

There is an amusing anecdote you may like to see first, it explains why I decided to use this method of promoting my journal, just click on this link.

I am not politically correct

I know I can be fairly terse at times, and apologies in advance. But this is restricted to writing about politicians in the "political" category! If you are offended, you can contact me under the "Contact" page and be offended again! [Alas I can't add a smiley with this program!]

My politics are my business, as your politics are yours. The political page does not promote any party, rather it is ideas which would be nice if the party in government tried out said ideas!

There is a way you can get notifications of new posts automatically

There is a WhatsApp type of app for people who are not happy with the Big Brother attitudes of big corporations such as Facebook, Google, Twitter - to name but a few.

It is called Telegram and is available in the Android, iPhone or Windows phone app store.

There are also desktop programs for Windows, Apple and Linux.

Here's all you have to do

  1. Install Telegram
  2. Open it
  3. Type in @AmpersRants in the Search box
  4. When it comes up, click on it.

That's all you need to do to get to my @AmpersRants channel. You can leave it at any time.

Whenever I post a new article in my website, I also post a link direct to that article, a description and a title of the article. There's a reason for that order - there's less typing from my point of view!

When you pull down your notifications in your phone, you will see a new article from Ampers Rants has been published. Click on it and you'll go into Telegram and can read a two line description of what it is about. Then either ignore it, or go and read it. You can also make a note to read it later.

It is so simple and so efficient!