Free websites

So, you want your own website?

This is how you can build your own free website. Cheaper than asking me to do it for you!

First of all, see if the new Google Website builder will meet your expectations. This website you are in is both my journal and doubles up as my sample website. Take a good look around. This was drawn up on Google’s new website builder,

Now, to do it yourself, first type in:

Then click on the link to build yourself a new website. For the purpose of this exercise, we will call it myfirstwebsite and then you can look around. Take especial note of the menu on the right as these are your building blocks.

When you have set up your home page, and are happy with it, click on the big Publish Button and your home page will be published to the web.

To see your new website home page, go into your browser and type:

There, you have made your website’s first page.

For a few pounds a year you can buy your own domain (around a tenner) as I have.

Now, instead of sending all my friends to log into my journal, all I send them is

A little more costly is if you want a personal email address to match in to your website. My Domain Company, charge around £30 a year and I could have or anything else. I've chosen

Hint: Make a note for every move you make so, if you make an error, you can undo it easily.

There, I’ve given you all my secrets.

Click the link below if you’d prefer me to build you a website for non business (or small business) purposes.

No time? I can help