Why I wear braces

Why I wear braces

To hold up my trousers – not on my teeth!

A while ago, I had a Hernia operation and it was very painful wearing a belt to hold up my trousers, so I bought a pair of braces.

After the pain subsided, I found that wearing braces can save money. I like my trouser leg bottoms to fit just right, over my shoes, so when I bought a new pair, I invariably had a tailor let them down or turn them up so they fitted just right. This added around £20 to the cost of a pair of trousers. I never bothered with working trousers or jeans but now they all fit perfectly.

And the tailor has now lost my custom!

All I need to do now with my trousers, is alter the braces length so the trousers fit perfectly at the bottom of the legs. I am completely sold on them!

I wear a belt, buckled loosely, so people don't suspect I'm wearing braces.