Today the electrician called

Today the electrician called

We had a problem with our bathroom cabinets. We have a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ placed together, but the people who fitted out our new bathroom had not taken into consideration siting problems if lights, transformers etc needed to be changed. We have electricity into the cabinets for electric toothbrushes and my shaver.

But, getting at the lights, and the transformer was not so easy. The light filament was about two feet long and thin and there was so much trouble getting into everything that one of the large cabinets had to be taken off the wall.

The above is to paint the picture, but my point here is, when you buy any sort of fitting which has electricity to it, you need, before purchase, to find out how each electrical part can be got at, in case of malfunction, or you will end up in the mess we were in all afternoon whilst our valiant electrician struggled and sweated, fixing our problems.

So next time you buy something which is both furniture and electrical and you have an electrician friend, take him along to check the item out. It might not then end up as an expensive heartache further down the line.

And, quite frankly, these problems didn’t occur to me at the time of purchase - and I didn't know the bulb filaments were two feet long.. I mean, it is not something the average person would consider.

Which is why I don’t want my readers to go through the same problems.

Here are the two mirrored cabinets. The filament slides out from the right at the top. Now imagine changing one in the left cabinet!