Social media at work

Social Media and work

Beware, your present or future employer will search for you on social media. I have a friend whose daughter has an excellent idea. She has two accounts on Twitter, one in her own name and one in a false name. She keeps the one in her own name for innocuous tweets, and the one in her false name for having bitter exchanges with what she terms “Stupid Remainers”. I guess that’s one way of doing it, but being too clever on the ‘net often has a way of coming back and biting you!

And, when applying for a job, if the application form asks you what Social Media sites you are on, don’t reply “none”. This is dangerous, if they find out later, they won’t tell you but keep it for when they want to sack you without compensation because you lied to get the job.

Rather write in “A lawyer friend advised me not to disclose this”. If you really want the job you can always cave in and declare the information and hope for the best.

Naturally, if you have always been a “goody two shoes” on the ‘net you can ignore this advice.