Paid for taking exercise

When I was a CEO...

Most of the directors I knew at the Institute of Directors would pay a lot of money to join health Clubs (Gyms) in the West End, but I had a better idea.

Why not make a little pin money and get my exercise at the same time?

So I joined a company employing people to deliver leaflets to letterboxes. And, did I get exercise! High letterboxes gave me stretch exercises, ground level gave me trunk exercises. Dexterity came by giving small leaflets through huge “brush” type letterboxes and opening and shutting gates. Speed and dexterity came when there was a big dog the other side of the front door! And, of course, there was a lot of walking.

I grew to really like the job. I met some interesting house owners, and some incredibly rude and nasty ones. It was then I was pleased of my unarmed combat training in the army, and equally pleased I didn’t have to use it.

So now I’m in my eightieth year and write a journal of articles of which this is one. And, I am promoting it locally because, when I was with WordPress and Blogger, I had readers in 131 countries. Now as I want local people in Finchley popping in to read my writing, I have recently printed fifteen thousand small leaflets and am busy posting them through letterboxes at around 100 a day

If you like my writing, tell me, it is nice to get a little encouragement. Not one of the tens of thousands of readers from those 131 countries on the main blog sites wrote with any message of appreciation but, I thought it strange as they kept coming back.