Would you like a Glympse?

Would you like a Glympse?

An app which can be extremely handy and it is worth taking the time to study all of its possibilities.

There are many apps out there where friends and family can know where each other is all the time. However, I, and many of you would not like such lack of privacy. I mean, isn’t it enough that MI5 and GCHQ already know where you are all the time?

There’s an app on the market that will allow you to let someone know where you are, but only for a short time, and you can set this from five minutes to four hours.

The other person doesn’t even need to have the app on their phone - isn’t that a great added bonus? You can use it for everyone with an Android, Winphone or iPhone.

The app also allows you to add a message when you send the link.

When you send someone a Glympse, they get your message and a website link. They click on it, and a map comes up showing where the other party is and your position.

Who would benefit from this?


If a company is expecting a client to call, they can send them a Glympse! This will show the client the exact location of your office - presuming you are sitting in it, of course!

Or, you are calling on a client and stuck in a traffic jam,they can see you aren’t telling porkies!


Suppose you are meeting a friend, and it is raining, find a coffee house or a bar, and send a Glympse of where you are.

Supposing you are meeting someone at the seaside, and the beach is rather large, send a Glympse - your friend will easily find you.

Supposing you are meeting someone in a strange place, find somewhere of interest, and send a Glympse.

With Glympse, you are free to wander around.

Supposing you are meeting a friend at London’s Trafalgar Square, send a Glympse and they will find you quickly, even if you have wandered out of the square down the lanes nearby with fascinating shops.

But there is a downside, you need both phones to have a wireless signal! So please don’t agree to meet up in the middle of the Sahara Desert!

In a nutshell, Glympse gives you freedom and peace of mind. But if you are meeting someone at, say, four o’clock, set the Glympse from 3:45 to 4:15 - not everyone is punctual.