What on earth is Drupe

What, on earth, is Drupe?

Drupe is an empty shell which, as you read on, you’ll find can be one of the most useful apps on your smartphone.

The app has been written by an Israeli company. I mention this as, although I am not Jewish, I would like to deny the use of this program to bigots who can hate an entire people because of religion or nationality. So if you are one of those, click off.

So what does Drupe do? First of all, it is a communications program. You can use it to send texts, make phone calls, make video calls, make notes and much more. Ah! But you said it was an empty shell, I hear you wonder? It only uses all your favourite apps which it will find on your mobile, and lists them within your app.

First of all, I will describe the opening screen, and then list what can be done.

Along the top of the app, you have four tabs. The first is all your contacts in your phone book. The second tab is for those people you have marked as Favourites (which you have designated). The third tab can list whichever of the following you prefer: All Events, All Calls, Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls or Missed Calls. I use mine as Missed Calls. The fourth tab will depend on whether you have allowed the app to see your location. It lists the following places nearest to you, to further away. Food & Beverage (Restaurants, Cafes etc) Travel & Transport, Shopping & Retail, Medical Health, Hotel & Lodging, Arts & Entertainment and Fitness & Recreation.

On one side you have all your contacts with room for a picture, on the other side you have the apps which Drupe can find on your smartphone. I have the following: Phone calls, Text messages, Email messages, WhatsApp, Reminders, Phone out on Loudspeaker, GIF calls, WhatsApp calls, Notes, Calendar, Duo Video Calls, Record your call, Linked In, Google Maps and PayPal.

You can choose which side you have your people on. I prefer people on the left, and apps on the right. To make a call to someone, drag their picture or name over to the call icon on the right. The same for sending a text, email, WhatsApp, Duo Video call etc.

There are a number of associated apps available to give you colourful backgrounds and the extensive settings (nine tabs) allow you to tailor the app to work just the way you want it to.

There are three ways to summons the app, but I find the four vertical dots (movable to your ideal position at any time) placed on the side of your screen the best. These are there no matter what app you are in, so you can load your communications system without leaving the app you are working on, and when you have finished your call, text, email etc, you are then right back where you left off.

There is a button on the main Drupe screen if you want to make a phone call which isn’t in your phone book.

You will notice a Me contact in your favourites list. That’s you! You can use this to set a reminder to yourself, or a series of notes. In addition, you can use this to navigate to home or work.

It’s free to try, and a small amount if you want to delete the adverts. I happily paid, not that I mind the adverts as they aren’t intrusive, but because I want to support them.

According to Google Play, this app has up to 50 million downloads to date