Ubuntu is not only a Zulu word

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu, in Zulu and, I believe Xhosa, means a shared progress or for the help of all. The Linux program Ubuntu was based by a fellow South African, Mark Shuttleworth, on that premise! It has expanded rapidly over the years it has been in existence.

I have been dabbling with Linux for over ten years now, First with SuSE and then with Ubuntu, then Linux Mint but now have returned to Ubuntu. For the last two years I have used Ubuntu Mate solely on my Desktop and Notebook (or Laptop). Since writing this I have just sold my desktop as this Notebook is such a joy to use.

There used to be glitches in running Linux on a Notebook which is why I buy mine from Entroware (Leeds) who make them up to your chosen requirements, using only components which are guaranteed to work 100% with Ubuntu or Ubuntu mate. A Notebook (Apollo) can cost between £550 and over £4,500 - you choose! And it comes with 12 ports, including Ethernet and a full HDM1 port.

I have never looked back, or spent a penny on software.

Take a look at Linux, their latest software is quite impressive.

If you only use a word processor, spreadsheet, browser and email program, then it is foolish not to use this. LibreOffice also works with Windows and Apple so you can try it first. Does what Microsoft Office does only it is free, for the entire set of applications.

If you also like software to edit and watch videos and photographs, then it is foolish to use anything other than Inkscape (like Coreldraw) or The Gimp, (like Photoshop).. Scribus is an excellent Desk Top Publishing program and I used to use to to publish a local tabloid.

If you like to play music and edit mp3 files, or make videos and edit mp4 files, , then this is the operating system to use. And it is excellent for cutting out ringtones from your favourite music for your cell phone.

Their videos states there are thousands of free programs available. This is not entirely correct but I understand why they have said this. Keep it simple…

There are, in fact, tens of thousands of free programs and I have said this here as I am sure my readers will be able to get their heads around this fact.