They haven't finished yet

They haven’t finished yet...

… but what they have works perfectly.

Before reading, Drupe hasn't it's own apps to do everything, it uses the ones on your phone, so you are not restricted and can exchange any app and Drupe will use it. I've exchanged my SMS app three times. Drupe didn't bat an eyelid!

I am referring to the Drupe communications app. The clever Israelis have written an app which does the following:

On the screen are two columns.

On the left are a list of your contacts with their photos and on the right are the various apps you can use with your contacts. How it works is simple, you drag the contact you want over to place it on top of the app you want to use. And if you prefer your contacts to be on the right, no problem!

But first of all a list of what apps you can drag the contact to:.

Phone – drag a contact here and it phones the contact.

Loudspeaker – Same as Phone, except it will start a call with the loudspeaker on.

SMS – drag a contact and send a message.

Reminders – drag a contact and set a timed reminder to appear at the designated time.

Notes – drag a contact and make notes of what you want to discuss so you can keep the call short.

Calendar – drag a contact and enter an appointment.

Maps – drag a contact and navigate to their home (soon it will show their whereabouts).

Video – drag a contact and make a video call with Google Duo.

Record call – drag a contact and record the call.

Messenger – drag a contact if you have messenger installed to contact someone.

PayPal – drag a contact to pay them by PayPal if you have a PayPal account.

And, if the other person has Drupe installed, you can send Talkies – recorded messages to them. Also, if they have animated GIFs – you can choose an appropriate one about your message and call them and if they also have Drupe, it will appear on their screen as soon as their phone starts to ring. For example, a Happy Birthday GIF.

If any of your contacts also use Drupe they will have a green dot to the left of their name in the contact list.

There is also a page of 81 different types of businesses – just click on the one you want, and a page will open up with a list of that particular business in the order of how far they are from your present position.

Four dots appear on the side of your home screens, and you can move them left or right, up or down to suit you. Just drag them across the screen and Drupe opens. This may not impress you at first, but you’ll be impressed when you see the four dots in any app you may be using. Instant communications at any time.

Although the app works perfectly, Drupe are continuing to improve it. For example, Skype recently removed their account support from the device address book recently so it broke the functionality in Drupe. They're investigating alternatives to make Skype work.

If you have several numbers in your contact list, the system doesn’t necessary pick the number you want. However, when you drag the contact to the phone or SMS app, continue to hold it there for a short time and a list of the contacts phone numbers will appear for you to choose. – but if you just click a contacts name alone, it opens up a page where you can choose the number you want to ring or SMS. You can also favourite or unfavourite the contact, or, choose a ringtone, share a contact, create a shortcut, view the contact in your address book, share Drupe, write a note or set a reminder.

You will notice a Me contact in your favourites list. That’s you! You can use this to set a reminder to yourself, or a series of notes. In addition you can use this to Navigate to home or work.

At present, it is mainly an Android product but they are working on an Apple app and are looking for beta testers for this. Contact Drupe at whether you are an iPhone or Android user, and want to help.

Try it and see for yourself, after all, it’s easy enough to delete if you find it isn’t for you. According to Google Play, this app has had ell over ten million downloads to date.


There are now approximately 30 other apps you can include within Drupe and more are being added. For example I also have WhatsApp, Hangouts, Line, Vibor communications, and the Waze SatNav program. And, they are all accessible within Drupe. Different people on different communications apps, but they are all inside the Drupe umbrella!