Social Media Alternatives

Social Media alternatives

Are you fed up at the power the social media giants are wielding? Power they are holding over us?

Well, there are alternatives. And growing bigger each day.

Alas, two of them are in America and may eventually succumb to these dictatorial giants power and threats. I will mention these first.

Parler: This is a Twitter look-alike and many Americans have already moved over to it. The British are slow to change, but more and more are switching over to it. This hasn’t the 280charactor restrictions but people, having been trained on Twitter, seldom step over that amount. There’s also a petition to get Trump to move over to it! Available on iPhone and Android.

Minds: This is a totally new idea which matches allows short messages like Twitter but has a section for Blogs like Google’s Blogger and WordPress. A section for photographic and another for video content. And pays you amounts of money the more you use it, the more people like your content and the more you look at other people’s content. Available on iPhone and Android.

This brings me to my favourite, Telegram:

Telegram is more like WhatsApp but better security and allows large groups, individual Channels and the normal WhatsApp type of communications. Where Telegram differs from WhatsApp is security. Although Telegram has only 20,000,000 users (far less than WhatsApp) in the six months I have standardised on it, I now have over thirty friends and contacts there. Another difference is, WhatsApp is proprietorial, Telegram is opensource. And, whilst WhatsApp gets broken into on a regular bases, Telegram not only doesn’t but offers $200,000 to any hacker who can crash in. Telegram is available on apps for iPhone, Android, WinPhone and programs for Windows, Apple IOS and Linux.

If you find any of these difficult to use, why not talk to me, I am @AmpersUK on each of them.