Do you spend lots of time searching for web pages?

I have this setup on all three of my browsers, Firefox, Brave and Chrome.

By having your own opening page you can save time on all your regular URLs you need to open. There are dozens and dozens of web pages I want to access, once a month, once a week or even many times a day.

There are still dozens of sites to enter but already it is saving me lots of time..

Here is the opening “start page” screen. Every title in each box is a link to another page, and by the time I finish, there will be at least two more rows of boxes in the table.

I have split up the Google sites into two. Under Google Drive I have Drive and the Drive apps, docs, spreadsheets etc. In addition, this section gives me access to everything, whether on my desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone. It also allows access from any computer anywhere in the world which I gain access to.

Once I click on the subject link in the above illustration, I go into the links page for visiting any website in that particular group.

Here is just one of the many pages of links. Some of my pages are short, like this Google page and some of them are in two columns. These are also within a table but with the borders hidden.

So with a couple of clicks of my mouse I can get straight into hundreds of websites without typing a single letter.

Note: The two screen shots were taken a few years ago and the amount of website has grown, but rather than clutter, I thought it best to be minimalistic, like Anouska Hempel.