Portability is all

Ever since I left home in South Africa to see exactly how wicked the world was - I wasn't disappointed - I was always keen to travel light.

Now that I am retired, I spend a lot of time writing. Articles, and have now started on my novel. And I travel light.

Here is the kit I keep in my pocket - the TV remote is just there to show you an example of sizes.


The white squarish object opens up as a phone stand but is flat for easy mobility. The small keyboard square object opens up to almost a full size keyboard. Perhaps around 80% of one. And, it's intelligent in as far as if I use a full stop or other stop marks (? ! etc) the next word is capitalised automatically.

Here is what it looks like all open and ready to type.

Open for working

I do have a notebook which I use at home, an Entroware Apollo (Entroware is the UK's best dedicated supplier of Linux powered Desktops and Laptops) which was expensive but I use it as a smaller version of those big and clumsy desktops.

It amuses me when I am writing in my local watering place seeing everyone typing on their Notebooks, or frantically using the tiny mobile keypads on their phone and I use this!

For under £3 a month Google Drive gives me 200GB of storage and I have all my files on it. Music, Videos, photographs and documents, useful on a mobile and I prefer not to have too much cluttering my study at home.

The cost for the stand and the Bluetooth keyboard? Around £30, give or take a pound or so.