OpenSource means security

OpenSource means security

I often subscribe to app makers to encourage them to do better. The adverts don’t bother me as I ignore them. If the app writer flashes whole page apps in front of me, the app gets deleted no matter how useful it is.

If an app maker charges so much a month, I work out how much the app will cost over ten years. So if they are charging £2.99 a month, that’s £35.88 a year so, in ten years, that will have cost me £358.80. No app for a mobile phone is worth that much!

For me, an app should have a low price; imagine if the price is low enough, say 99p, and because it is good, and low in cost, 5 million use it, and 500,000 people buy it. That means the app writer who is not money grabbing makes £495,000. Not bad for a few weeks work! If only a tenth of my figure is correct, that’s still an income of £49,500.

As many of you know, I have removed WhatsApp from my phone and moved to Telegram. The reason is, WhatsApp is a closed app and we can’t see whether the CIA, NSA or MI5 have got trapdoors in it, and they keep having security problems. I have moved to Telegram which is OpenSource. What is OpenSource software? It is the code that it is written in, and is available for any computer skilled user to ask for it and check it out, and compile it themselves. Trap Doors would be seen immediately, and weaknesses spotted in the code might take a little longer.

This brings me to another item I look for in a mobile app, desktop use.

Telegram is available on Android, iPhone & Windows Phone. In addition, there is a program for a Windows Computer, an Apple computer and a Linux computer. This means whatever your computer, you can read and post messages on your desktop as well as your mobile. This is very useful, more useful than a lot of people imagine.

Although I keep my politics to myself here, and in the Political section, I add articles of ideas I would like to see our government (any government) progress. However, off the website I am a very political animal and use an app called Signal Messenger for my political texts. Signal is available on Android & iPhone. In addition, there is a program for a Windows Computer, an Apple computer and a Linux computer. But more important, I can download the Source Code and check it before compiling it. Yes, it is also OpenSource!

For my normal texts, I use a program called Pulse. A fairly new program by a one man band. But he has been helpful and will talk to you. I like it as it has a filing system for my texts. (Commercial, Acquaintances, Friends, Medical etc you choose the headings). It is available on Android and iPhone mobiles, and has a web app for all desktop operating systems. But it is not OpenSource, which is why I use Signal for my political work.

If you decide to have a look at Telegram and would like some advice on it, my name there is @AmpersUK. Ask me anything you are unsure of and I will try to help or point you in the right direction. In addition to this, if you log on to @AmpersRants you will reach my channel there. I keep the channel very brief. The only thing I put in it is my article link in the following format:

Http Link

Description (just one or two lines)

Article title.

When you see it, you have three choices, you can ignore it as the subject doesn’t interest you. You can go straight in and read it on my website by clicking the link, or you can make a note to go back to it on Telegram when you're on your coffee break. Simples!

As it is Friday, a quick reminder that our monthly coffee morning in Finchley is at Bites at 10:15 am tomorrow - (18th)