Buying a new phone 2

Nowadays, buying a new phone is a headache (2).

I owned a Galaxy S10 Plus. But my problem was, I had over 450 apps on the phone.

On the 19th August my new Note 20 Ultra arrived.

How long do you think it will take to transfer everything, bearing in mind that I don’t want to use the automatic copy over system which Samsung offers? There’s a lot of old rubbish on there and I want to start afresh.

I downloaded an app called “List my Apps” so I can print out all my apps. Then I go through the list marking all those I want to delete. Two days later, after my sub-conscious has worked on it, I go through the list, marking some more and unmarking a few I want to keep. Then I print out the list - 375 apps to load!!!

Now I mark each app with A, B or C. A = must have soon. B = must have eventually and C = some time after everything is done.

Once I loaded all the data in the new phone, with all the apps, I had to search for the data files for each app and copy and paste all the contents into the new phone.

It took a lot of hours and I have not yet finished. Fortunately I copied all the data to my new phone before zapping it and removing my SIM card and putting my wife’s SIM card in. More about this later.

A few of my purchased apps suddenly became limited free ones so I went into Google Play, and to my accounts, and clicked on the Purchased Apps tab and clicked on all my previously purchased apps and these apps downloaded on top of the freebies.

I have purchased over 100 apps over the years so went through them resurrecting many I had not used for ages.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but changing phones from last year’s “top of the range” to this year’s “top of the range” is not a doddle. In addition, if I used Samsung’s “move apps over” program, I wonder if it could cope with so many apps?

There is another problem, which I hinted to above. My wife’s detail now also appears in the Google Accounts list on my phone, and my account appears on my wife's phone. I deleted her from my phone, and Google asks her to log in again. She tries and Google sends her request for signing in to my phone. Fortunately we are also best friends so although this is going to take a lot of time to sort out, we can live with it. However, I think I have finally corrected this! However, this has just been resolved!

And no, the only thing I’ll buy from Apple and I have a good amount of those, is their shares. I’m not saying their products are overpriced, but Apple are worth more than the entire 100 top British companies in the FTSE top 100. Dear reader, I implore you, keep buying Apple products.


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