Ideas which are useful

Ideas which help

Note, I will add to this page from time to time, but will always add from the top of the page so you won’t need to scroll through the ones you have read.

Telephone numbers

The first idea which helped was telephone number and my mobile. I live in a dip and reception for calls on my mobile wasn’t too good and I had to do something about it. At first, I for a “call forwarding” app on my phone and when home, I forwarded all my mobile calls to my home number. However, the problems started when I would forget to switch back to my mobile and when out, all my calls continued to go to my home phone.

In my study, I have a voip [Internet] phone from a company called Voipfone and I rang them up to see if we could find a solution. In the end, they set me up with callers to my number rining both my 020 number in my study number and my 07 number on my mobile simultaneously.

Great, I now leave my mobile permanently switched through to my study, and still get my calls to my mobile when out. Had to ask my wife never to answer that phone though!

Total cost for two lines, “switchboard” facilities etc is £7 a month. Well worth it.

I’ve mentioned this before

I subscribe to ToDoist (available on iPhone, Android, Windows and Apple – and a web app for Linux users – that’s me!

This is an excellent program for everybody, for the office, for the blue collar worker, for the housewife and the home office worker.

I use the Inbox as my opening screen. As I go about my business throughout the day, I add tasks I have to do, or ideas which I have to progress into the InBox. At the end of the day, I go through the collected list, add a date, add them to a group (Project) add a Label (home, local, West end, Phone, Email, Internet etc and when a job date comes up I click on the Label and do whetever I can at the same time whilst my brain is concentrating on that sphere. There are filters for Important levels as well.

Then I can click on today and see what I have to do, or on the next seven days if I have free time to see what I can do in advance.

I was born in 1939 so you can see I am at an age where such a great memory jogger is really useful and, at 80, I am as efficient now as I was at 30!

There is another program called DGT GTD which is totally free for everything and has more functions. However this is a much moew complex app and will take ten times more time to learn. I have written an article on it below.

There is some good news though. DGT have now produced a more simpler to use app, but still does everything. I will be reviewing it soon. Its called SODA.

Updating your mobile phone

I used to update my phone every year as soon as the next Galaxy phone came out. However, I am keeping my S9 Plus another year for three very good reasons.

First, upgrading when the next Android version comes out, I get the later version of Android on my phone.

Secondly, Getting the phone ten months later means that thousands of users have found bugs in the software and Samsung have put it right, so you end up with a brand new phone which works.

Thirdly, Just before the next version comes out, the phone cost reduces by around £200. A saving which I count as a bonus as my real reason is the second above.

Who does the shopping?

My first question is – skip this article if you buy all your groceries at one shop. If you do there are dozens of shopping apps which will suit you.

This is for those who buy their groceries from more than one shop or food provider. I use “OurGroceries” app. I can add to it with Amazon Echo/Alexa and as we have one of those in the kitchen, it is very handy.

My phone has the following list:

Aldi, Amazon, Indian shop, Ocado, Local shops, Tesco Tuesday, Tesco Thursday and Waitrose.

We do our Ocado shopping on Saturday for a Tuesday delivery, and at the same time we fill up the shopping app for buying during the week.

My wife scoffed at first but she has a copy, linked to my account, and finds it useful when she goes out.

How I choose my phone apps

I read the blurb of each app, and if it does what I want, I download it. But, carry on looking. When I have half a dozen, or up to a dozen, I go through ech app and delete the useless ones. Out of two or three remaining, I study them more carefully, and delete and end up with the best one for my needs

It takes a little more time in the beginning but, I can assure you, it saves an awful lot of time in the long run.