Help grow your life

Help grow your life

I’m talking about a magical accounts program where all you have to do is to enter items you spend your money on, and areas such as your salary where you have money coming in.

That's all!

All your reports right up to Balance Sheet are produced automatically without any further input by the user. Now you can see why your money doesn’t quite last until the next payday. You can print all pages except the home page to a Wi-Fi printer, a PDF file, or output to a CSV file for a spreadsheet, and even HTML.

In this Android app (an iPhone app is in development), all you have to do is to enter transactions, nothing else. Money paid to you and money paid by you to someone else. Do it instantly (or at least daily) so you never forget anything. As the British income tax year starts on the 6th of April, I set my end of year to the 5th April and run each month from the 6th to the 5th. Easy to set up in this program.

Hey presto! Your Balance Sheet for the minute you look at it is up-to-date, but you can look at it for any date if required. Other reports include Net Earnings and Expenditure, Items Summary showing the transactions for each item heading, Labels used showing the transactions for each label and a complete Budget Summary. But best use the app for a couple of months before working on the budget section.

You can filter information appearing on each report in every way possible. For example, when checking my credit card statement, I filter to the same dates as on the statement, and that credit card only, and all the transactions which appear are almost identical to my credit card statement. Easy Peasy!

A nice touch is the Reminders page where you can put in the date and details of future transactions and they will only appear in your Transactions area on that date. You can enter daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual regular payments. If items like my phone call bill - which is different each month - I enter £0.00 in the forward section (Reminders) and when it pops up, I enter that month’s amount from my phone bill when it arrives.

The app is called Bluecoins and their website, is at

But there’s more!

A visit to the Bluecoins website will show you the fast pace that the development is taking, a very comprehensive users guide. And following this is a FAQ page and a Change Log and I am looking forward to all the new improvements coming out soon as they list these under “the next version”.

Finally, there’s a forum where you can interact with other users. Also there are over half-a-dozen social media platforms where you can ask questions.

The best part is, you buy the software and don’t rent it on a monthly basis which I hate. Most private people won’t need to purchase the app as they give a heck of a lot free. You can buy from £3.79 (coffee) to £5.49 (lunch) up to £9.99 (pizza) the choice is yours. Use it a while and if you want to support this amazing guy, give what you can easily afford. The more he gets the faster the development I guess. Mind you, I’d like to know where he goes for lunch!

Google rate it highly as it is an Editor’s Choice, as do the 18,260 who have taken the trouble to vote give it a 4.7 out of 5 rating! Also you can read all 18,260 reviews if you wish as Bluecoins don’t seem to hide anything.