Different operating systems and how to choose

What is the difference between Windows, Apple and Linux phones and computers.

Mobile Phones and tablets


I can’t assist here as I have never met anyone who owns a Windows Phone.


Apple like to keep a tight control on everything they do and this includes their mobile phones. There’s a limit to what you can do other than that which Apple allows you to do. Now, in many circumstances, this is not a bad thing. For example, business executives are only interested in making phone calls, sending texts and emails and maybe looking up an address on a map to get directions. Iphone is ideal for them. Then there are the people who just want something that works out of a box, and probably are a little in awe and fear technology. For these people, an iPhone is ideal.


This is for people who are at ease with technology and want to put their stamp on the phone. Then, for them there is no contest. An Android (based on Linux) is the best bet in town. You can literally, program your phone to do what you want. The screenshot is a picture of my front phone page. For the very technical, you can also root your phone, remove the manufacturer’s apps which you don’t like and increase the performance of your phone.

Desktop and Notebook Computers


This is the industry standard, but software is expensive and it is suggested that, if your company standardise on Windows and has specially written software, you should stick with this. But it is a long way from perfect.


Apple would like to be the industry standard but has never quite caught up with Microsoft, although their computers are better. It is mainly because around 20% of the cost is the Apple logo! But it is easier to use and Apple owners swear by their products.


There are many flavours of this operating system. I have standardised on Ubuntu Mate and all my 60 major software programs have cost me the grand total of £0.00. Yes, nothing! Granted, I have had to work a little harder installing some of them, but saving over ten grand has given me a lot of encouragement. If you are fairly literate in the way of computers, and just use a browser and the Office suite, and you want it for a home computer, it would be pure madness not to at least examine the possibilities. I have a Photoshop alternative, a Lightroom alternative, Video editing, a Coreldraw look alike, a Microsoft Office look alike, just to mention a few.