Choosing the best app for the job

A foolproof method of choosing the best app for the job

This week’s article isn’t long but could prove to be very useful.

This will benefit the Android and the over-expensive iPhone user. Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple users and hold quite a few shares in their company.

OK, now down to business.

You need an app for a particular purpose and when you come to the play, or app store, you find a long list of similar apps.

No worries, but this will take you a little time. However – in the long run – will save you endless heartbreak.

Save every app of the type you want that has 4 out of five stars or more, and has over 10,000 downloads. No matter if there are a dozen or over, you’ll quickly weed them down to two or three. If an app has less than 4 stars but has 50,000 or more downloads, check back through the reviews, the bad ones may be just recent as an upgrade has gone wrong.

Once they have downloaded, open each one and search for reasons to delete. At this stage don’t worry about cost. If the app is worth it, it’s worth buying. Jews and Scots are supposed to be careful, but that is nothing compared to we Afrikaners! We are careful, bordering on tight! But I am saying this to illustrate the following paragraph.

I recently searched for a good to-do app and after trying seven or eight, I decided on Todoist. It was so good and I wanted the extras, so I paid £35 for a year’s rental. And will probably extend next year. My point is, if it is going to save you time and effort, pay for it.

OK, you have weeded 8 apps from 20 odd apps and now comes the testing. Go through the remaining 12 apps looking for a good reason to delete them. By now you may have weeded them down to five or six.

Now comes the hard part, and you may want to wait until the evening so you can spend an hour or two checking them out. Keep on deleting them until you are down to three.

The next stage is to start entering data in all three. It is important you enter a fair amount of the same data in all three of them to get a true comparison.

After entering the data it will soon become apparent which of the three is the best one to keep.

My experience? I have over 450 apps on my Galaxy S10 mobile. But I only use this method on the apps I use daily.