Buying a new phone is a headache

Nowadays, buying a new phone is a headache (1).

This is a two part article, the second part will be published , hopefully, on the 26th of August as, by then, I should have completed the transfer and written the full article. If the (1) in the title has been removed, it's the full article.

At present, I own a Galaxy S10 Plus. But my problem is, I have over 450 apps on my phone.

On the 21st August my new Note 20 Ultra arrives.

How long do you think it will take to transfer everything, bearing in mind that I don’t want to use the automatic copy over system which Samsung offers? There’s a lot of old rubbish on my S10+ and I want to start afresh.

I’ve downloaded an app called “List my Apps” so I can print out all my apps. Then I go through the list marking all those I want to delete. Two days later, after my sub-conscious has worked on it, I go through the list, marking some more and unmarking a few I want to keep. Then I print out the list - 375 apps to load!!!

Now I mark each app with A, B or C. A = must have soon. B = must have eventually and C = possibly some time after everything is done.

My problem now is to source a temporary SIM card as I will want to have both mobile phones in operation as this job will take a long time.

Once I have loaded all the data in the new phone, with all the apps, I have to search for the data files for each app and copy and paste all the contents into the new phone. All being well, it will be done and dusted by the end of September. Look out for the same title with a 2 at the end to find out all the headaches I have encountered!


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