Avery Business Cards

Avery business cards

I have taken another look at the Avery Business card sheets. As I use gLabels on Linux, I am somewhat restricted on which cards I can buy.. However, there are two Avery packets available, one with ten cards on a sheet and one with eight cards. I chose the latter as I wanted a bit of advertising blurb on the back.

I was a little worried about how they'd look with the perforations, but they broke nicely and cleanly and you cannot tell they were part of an A4 label sheet.

Before using the actual cards, I printed out to an A4 sheet, one copy on photo quality print, and a second on best quality ordinary print. The latter was more than good enough and the cards look perfect.

So I decided on best quality but not photo quality and printed out my first sheet, front and back. Everything aligned perfectly and once I broke off the sides and top pieces I had eight perfect cards.

Although I haven't done so yet, the software also allows for photographs, logos and maps, but as I keep my address fairly confidential, I shan't use maps!

Windows users, and I am sure Mac users, can download Avery's free software to help you get the most out of these cards and, in fact, you have a better choice of all Avery Label’s range of labels and cards.

I now have four different business cards which I print out just one sheet at a time until I am certain I have the wording and positioning just right. Once I am totally happy and get positive feedback, I will log on to VistaPrint and get a larger quantity professionally printed.