Automate your smartphone

Automate your mobile smartphone

First of all, a possible disclaimer.

I use Android, but Tasker and Locale could well also be available on the iPhone.

The easiest of the two apps is Locale, and the most difficult is Tasker. And like many things in the electronics umbrella, the more an item can do equates directly to being a little more complex to use. However, their extensions apps are interchangeable, so you can start with Locale, and progress to Tasker.

These apps automate your smartphone. For example, a few I have set up include:

At night, after 11pm, everything turns off except WiFi as I have a lot of routines which back up during the night. At 7am the phone reverts to normal.

When I leave home, based on my WiFi SSID, sound is turned up on the ringer so I can hear it when I am in traffic. It reduces when I arrive home again.

When I flip face down, everything is quiet and the phone ringer changes from my loud "De La Rey" ringtone to a single quiet beep.

When I am approaching home, a text is sent to my wife so I am welcomed with open arms and a steaming mug of coffee when I unlock the door! <NOT>

There are other routines such as low battery and an auto SMS – I go for a long walk each morning and if I meet a friend and go for coffee, when I log into the SSID at the coffee house, an SMS is automatically sent to my wife stating I am having coffee with a friend and will be delayed.

Both under Locale and Tasker, there are many routines on offer in the Android Store. These range from free to around £2 each and, as mentioned earlier, are interchangeable.