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Apps and Program of the future

20201007 All about an exciting app.

Buying a new phone - part 2.

20200911 Towards the end of the saga. No more articles but it will still lake longer!

Nowadays, buying a new phone is a headache (1)

20200819 Upgrading if you don't want all the old baggage can be difficult.

A foolproof method of choosing the best app for the job

20200728 Too much choice with similar apps - how to choose the best one - foolproof!

Help grow your life

20200209 This will help you run your life so much more smoothly and is so easy to use.

An interesting email app

20200127 A first class comprehensive email program.

Are you uber efficient?

20191104 How to make your life run like clockwork.

Would you like a Glympse?

20190825 Glympse - the ultimate "find me" app.

Social Media Alternatives

20190819 What are Minds, Parler and Telegram?

My favourite Android Apps

20190715 Twenty-nine superb Android apps from my 300 plus ones on my mobile.

How Dangerous is 5G communications

20190704 Be afraid - be very afraid. I am very serious.

Do you spend lots of time searching for web pages?

20190605 Here is a tip which saves me hours each week.

Signal Messenger v WhatsApp

20190603 An article mainly about security

What is the difference between Windows, Apple and Linux phones and computers.

2090531 A guide to help avoid making a costly error.

Upgrading your new mobile phone purchase

20190530 It is not as easy and straightforward as it sounds.

Opensource means security

20190517 - Apps which are OpenSource for safety.

Ubuntu is not only a Zulu word

20190510 It is a means for saving you money.

Remember telegrams? They're back!

20190508 Sub-titled - You can't keep good men (and women) down.

Who should contemplate moving to Linux

20190502 I have 60 major programs on my Linux computer - all were free.

They're expanding all the time

20190430 I am referring to an excellent communications umbrella on Android

Automate your mobile smartphone

2019049 How to make your life easier.

Should you buy or rent?

20190409 I am referring to mobile apps, tread carefully.

What, on earth, is Drupe?

20190405 This is the most useful 'empty shell' you will ever load on your mobile smartphone.

Ideas which are useful

20190405 A pot potpourri of ideas I have in the technical arena. I'll add to the page but always from the top!

A free, comprehensive Project app

20190405 Covers Folders, Goals, Projects, Checklists, Tasks, Contexts and Tags - amoungst other things. The app is called, rather inelegantly I thought, DGT GTD

Portability is all

20190405 An article for those who like travelling light.

Communications on the move

20190405 Some ideal communications apps I use on Android. Mostly, security was on my mind when choosing them, but also ease of use. Aquamail is a little more complex but to get started with the basics is not too difficult and you'll be glad you tried.

A tip for website builders

20190405 This tip gives full access to just the parts of the website you allow them.

Avery Business cards

20190405 Avery make some excellent sheets of business cards for your home computer, here's how I use them.


20190405 But not just in the office. Can be used in almost any situation. Of special significance to the older amongst us!