What, on earth, is Drupe?

This is the most useful 'empty shell' you will ever load on your mobile smartphone.

Ideas which are useful

A pot potpourri of ideas I have in the technical arena. I'll add to the page but always from the top!

Portability is all

An article for those who like travelling light.

Communications on the move

Some ideal communications apps I use on Android. Mostly, security was on my mind when choosing them, but also ease of use. Aquamail is a little more complex but to get started with the basics is not too difficult and you'll be glad you tried.

A tip for website builders

This tip gives full access to just the parts of the website you allow them.

Avery Business cards

Avery make some excellent sheets of business crds for your home computer, here's how I use them.


But not just in the office. Can be used in almost any situation. Of special significance to the older amongst us!