Nature knows best

Nature knows best.

Big cats, like lions, leopards, cheetahs and panthers hunt for food but when they attack herds and the animals run, the big cats pounce on the slowest, weakest animals.

However, it's not just big cats who are hunters, this happens throughout nature. It all boils down to the survival of the fittest.

Humans look after their weak. This is what sets us above animals. But, does it make us superior?

Make no mistake, I am not advocating we act like animals. I am just pointing out that we are acting against nature.

This has got me thinking. First of all I am not religious, neither am I an atheist. I am a Deist who doesn’t believe in organised religion but acknowledges that there is something superior to humans which keeps the world ticking over. *

Description of a Deist.

[The belief that God has created the universe but remains apart from it and permits his creation to administer itself through natural laws. Deism thus rejects the supernatural aspects of religion, such as belief in revelation in the Bible, and stresses the importance of ethical conduct.]

For me, that is nature.

Getting back to humans, I have been thinking for a long time that over expansion of humans on the planet is upsetting the balance of nature, so could it be that famine and natural disasters are part of nature's arsenal? And, could we take it further and consider wars and other human interventions which cause deaths.

* Thomas Jefferson (American President 1801 to 1809) was a committed Deist.

What do you think? Let me have your views, I am @AmpersUK on Telegram.

One finger typing

[I apologise for the brevity of today’s article. This was typed using the index finger of my left hand whilst holding my mobile in my right hand, at the Royal Free hospital waiting for my wife to have a series of eye tests.]

Addition on July 26th

One of my readers sent this link on Telegram for which I am grateful. However, some liberals might find it a hurty hurty type of article.