Why I won't vote for the Brexit Party

Why I won’t be voting for The Brexit Party

I did say I keep my voting intentions to myself but, as the title suggests, this is not who I will be voting for.

Many years ago, I worked in an office with Nigel Farage, Craig MacKinlay MP (yes, they were friends once) and Nigel’s second wife, Kirsten Farage (nee Mehr) a lovely girl whose English was too perfect to be British! And, yes, I fancied her - from a distance!

But I got to know all three and liked all three at the time. I was sad when Craig turned to the Tories but that was his business and he had every right to leave, although some might think the manner of winning his seat in Kent distasteful as I have mentioned before. Yes, it was the Conservative Party who broke electoral law but he did go along with it. He turned out to be just another politician!

As I have mentioned before, I come from Africa, and have seen how good guys turn once they get control of power.

I can sympathise with Nigel Farage running his party as an autocratic dictator, after his attempt to run a previous party in the normal way. However, I still find it distasteful! The Brexit Party has no members. One man, Nigel Farage, makes all the rules. There are no checks and balances. He calls all the people who send in their £25 ‘subscribers’ and they have no say whatsoever in running the party. Mr Farage has hinted he’ll ask members to 'suggest' what they’d like when he produces ideas to them. I’ll hold final judgement until I see this happening and how often he asks his ‘subscribers’!

Over 30% of voters trust Mr Farage. I can see that, he is charismatic and has spent a quarter of a century fighting the EU. I was part of that fight but as I previously mentioned, I dislike dictators no matter how ‘benevolent’!

My opinions of the EU might have changed if they allowed the European Parliament to make the laws. But they don’t. Unelected Commissioners make the laws and all the EU Parliament can do is to rubber stamp them. If they vote no, it returns week after week until they get the answer they require

This is not democracy as we know it, Jim!

[apologies to Star Wars]

The real reason I voted to leave was totally different from everyone else. I look to history for future maps of what will happen. A dictatorial movement, like Communist USSR, and now the EU, cannot last and history is full of such organisations folding.

I voted leave because I want Britain out of it before it collapses, or we will suffer heavily. More heavily than anyone can imagine.

UKIP? They have been infiltrated by the Conservatives who have killed it stone dead!

It is a sad day when MPs not only totally disregard the promises made in a referendum, but gang together to thwart the wishes of the people.

And don’t say “It’s only a referendum” as that won’t wash. The two major parties both fought a General Election on their main manifesto promise of leaving the EU.