Which party is worth voting for?

Politics - and who is worth voting for?

It is getting harder and harder to know who to vote for nowadays.

If you love Britain, there are many Brexit Parties to vote for, but they are not all represented in the EU elections, but then, these are not too important anyway. In the next General Election there will be a wider choice. But caution should be applied if you are thinking of the Brexit Party as it is not a real party. Nigel Farage, who I know well and is a very likeable guy, has admitted that there are no voters, only non-voting “subscribers” in the Brexit Party and, that he runs it like a company. How often do benevolent dictators turn once they are in a position of power? Fine for the unimportant EU elections, but tread carefully at the next General election.

If you love the EU, there are fewer parties. Can we trust the behaviour of both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn? They have turned so much I sometimes wonder if they know whether they are coming or going! The Liberal Democrats are honest enough to declare they are for the EU come what may. And, there is Change Britain, but we know so little about them. Then, once the General Election arrives, who then? UKIP has recovered a lot under Gerard Batten, who I also know well, but has been disgracefully attacked by Nigel Farage. Will UKIP make another comeback? Can we trust Corbyn not to ruin our economy, and can we trust May or whoever they ease in next, not to betray the country again?

I say ‘betray’ as David Cameron gave full assurances that the politicians would honour our choice.

My politics, as yours, is our own business so I won’t say who I will vote for. Other than, as I come from Africa where we know all about dictators, it won’t be for a party who don’t trust their subscribers; or they’d be called members and each have a vote!

I will say, however, that I never make my final decision until the morning of the vote and study all the “contestants”. In the past, I have voted Conservative, Labour and UKIP but also independent people when I have thought they had something worthwhile to offer.

Sometimes there has been nobody worthwhile to vote for, but because people have fought for the right to vote in the past, I never stay at home on the day. I will go and vote and destroy my voting paper with something like “None of this shower”.