What a mess the UK plc is in

The mess UK plc is in

We have 52% of the population wishing to leave the EU and the entire establishment wanting us to stay, including the Civil Service and the majority of MPs. Some have been offered bribes and most not wanting to do all the work necessary in running UK plc. With the EU doing 74% of our work for us, at present, perhaps that is understandable. What could be worse than actually having to work for the large salaries they all receive.

Some, no doubt have received money from Soros and other Globalists, and some from the EU. The husband of one MP received £3 million from the EU for instance. Previously the last PM's husband was a director of a $1.4 trillion hedge fund.

The LibDems, Greens & Labour are fighting to overturn Article 50 and remain in the EU. The Conservative Party is led by a man who 'believes' the establishment should be viewed with suspicion as he states that he is for Leave. My own opinion is that he'd like the glory of being the one taking Britain out of the EU but there are others in real control who do not want this.

There is an election coming up so it will be interesting to see what happens. As a foreigner, it matters less to me if the UK loses its sovereign status which is why I am being impartial here.

There is another party which I have not mentioned, the Brexit Party. They have made a strange offer considering Mr Johnson refuses to deal with them. Mr Farage has said he will pull his candidates out from all constituencies where the Conservatives have a chance to win. Something not heard of in Politics, anywhere, as far as I know.

We'll know soon what the result is. Fifty odd MPs are standing down as MPs, possibly more, knowing they will be punished by the electorate. This is going to play havoc as constituencies rush to find suitable candidates.

I think one thing the next party should have to consider very seriously. Should the fixed term system continue and, if so, should the two thirds majority be reduced to one more than half?

I suspect the EU will be looking very carefully at the election and will try to interfere. The one thing they probably fear most is the Brexit Party doing well in the North. Expect the politics of fear being directed to the Northerners.

Time will tell, at the time of writing there are only 42 more days before the election and 43 days before we'll be mostly certain who has won. 44 days and all the results will be in.

As I have said in the past, my politics are my business which is why I never push any particular party on this website.