There must be a better way!

There must be a better way

I am referring to local politics. Our problem at present is that our local politics are governed by mainstream political parties and not by the residents and small businesses.

This should not be. We need groups locally, and not divisions of mainstream parties. Groups of citizens who work for residents and small business (bigger business can look after themselves).

For too long, local constituencies have been run by either the Conservatives, Labour, or in isolated cases, the Liberal Democrats - who don’t appear to be liberal or democratic! These Parties tend to be run on strict party lines and, in the main, are not beneficial to either the residents or small business.

There can be a better way forward.

There is a group in England who have just started up fighting for residents and small business rights. It consists of members of the Labour Party, the Conservative Party, UKIP and the Brexit Party and, I believe, one Liberal Democrat. They are working together to support the needs of residents and small businesses.

In their initial stages, they seek people who have voted for Brexit as this gives members of all parties, something in common. Later, when they become established, they will be able to drop that requirement.

For security reasons, all committee members have to be on Telegram fr group discussions. Unlike WhatsApp it hasn't been hacked yet, although they do offer hackers $200,000 if they can succeed.

It is all very exciting and, in due course, I will write more about them and, perhaps print their policy document or manifesto so others could copy the idea.

I might even go to one of their meetings as I can get there and back within a day.