The incarnation of Marmite

The incarnation of Marmite

Before reading this, please note I am not a TBP subscriber, neither did I vote for The Brexit Party.

Like Marmite, people either love or hate Nigel Farage. I know the gentleman, not as a friend, but as an acquaintance and, from my observations, he has both inherent weaknesses and colossal strengths.

From an astrological point of view, his birth sign is Aries, a fire sign and his ascendant is Virgo an Earth sign. The difference between Aries and Leo is, a Leo likes to lead and wants the world to follow him. An Aries also wants to lead, and doesn’t care a jot who follows him. However, in Mr Farage’s case, he wants the whole country to follow his party. He is a very unforgiving man and that is a difficult trait in politics. An Earth sign on his Ascendant could mean he is well grounded. I haven’t seen his chart so there could be other things which contradict this observation.

I have good news for those who hate him, and bad news for those who love him. As soon as the country honours the promise made at the referendum on the 23rd June 2016 (three years ago this month) and exits the European Union, he will close down the Brexit Party if we leave in October 2019. However, should our errant politicians sign up to anything but a total exit, Mr Farage will continue the party until he fights the next General Election. Then he will continue the fight in Parliament and only when we are out will he leave politics. However, if it goes that far, I don’t think the Brexit Party will close down, not if they have twenty or more MPs—and this could well be the case.

A lot of lies and misinformation has amassed over what people thought they were voting for. I will leave you to watch a short video of Prime Minister David Cameron spelling out, clearly, and in neutral terms, just what is involved. It’s a one minute sixteen second video below, where he spells out exactly what the referendum is all about and what it will mean. And, whether you are on the left, on the right, or in the middle, watch it and then note all the lies told, on both sides, about what we, the public were told.

I do get a little hot under the collar with MPs, who spend a lot of time in the Parliament bars and restaurants, who think they are so much wiser than we are, when it is obvious they’re not. But they win on the dishonesty stakes, lying daily (I deleted the “almost” before daily) to us over the television media and newspaper articles. Mind you, to be fair, if they told the truth, the Main Stream Media would never invite them back!

Then there are the fiddles. Many MPs claim for second homes, then let them out and stay in hotels, which they claim expenses for. No, this is a fact and is well documented.

I hate all politicians, those who aren’t crooked when they become MPs very soon get caught up in the excitement of becoming very, very rich.

I would like to see some changes to try and counteract this.

For example, pay twice their salaries for the first term, to entice better people. Then the present salary for the second term. If they haven’t got onto the promotion ladder by the end of the second term, they cannot remain an MP.

However, there is an inherent problem, even with that. MPs higher up the promotional ladder will request high payment (in plain brown envelopes) to get an MP on the ladder! I despair. I mean what can we do to create honest politicians. We had them in the past – what happened?

Cameron spelling out the facts in his Referendum Speech below