Rulers v The People

Rulers v The People

One of the problems, and it is a very large problem, are the people who rule us. I have connections in three countries; South Africa where I originate from, the USA where I used to live and the UK where I settled. In all three of these countries, most problems and divisions are caused by politicians who have become worshippers of the God of money. They do not have the interest of their voters and all have their “snouts in the trough” to use an old British saying.

Also, it is in the interests of politicians of a country's ruling elite to divide the people and have them fighting each other. This is just one way of taking their interests away from the machinations of these wicked people.

Then we come to taxes, climate change and other reasons to make the voters poor. Not because they hate the workers [although I sometimes think they do] but a poor voter is more inclined to worry about feeding and clothing his family - than take an interest in politics! Why do you think the politicians are desperate to remain in the EU - and give all those billions labelled for the poor and needy? These are really bribes to rulers who still hate us?

However, whatever country you live in, or many others around the world, unless the people become politically aware of the harm their rulers are doing to their country, you will continue to suffer.

Most TV news programmes are run by people with undeclared plans for open borders to kill nationalities and eventually have a world government. Alas this also applies to national newspapers, and most local newspapers which are part of larger chains.

There are bloggers and Internet news outlets who do not publish fake news, but you have to access them carefully as some of them have been set up by the globalists who are the real enemy of the people.

So, dear reader, you have a choice! Settle in the present regime and struggle to feed and clothe your family, or burst out of this nightmare – not to take to the streets – but to start educating yourself on what the politicians are up to. Don’t just vote for the same old party. Parties change from month to month, let alone from one five year period to another.

Wake up. Smell the coffee.