Nigel Farage - who is he?

Nigel Farage

I have known Mr Farage briefly for short periods of time, over the last twenty-five years. No matter the picture the Conservatives like to paint, I think most know - whether a Remainer or Leaver - that Brexit would never have got this far without his efforts over the same period. You don't have to like him to admit that!

Can say, with what little I know of him, that he is a deep thinker and plays a long game. For example, he knew Boris would ignore his massive generous offer and would not reciprocate. I would suggest that he made that gesture, hoping the Tories would not reciprocate as he was thinking long term, for the next election.

If we leave by the end of this year (2020) which is debatable, I am sure he will resign from politics and probably immigrate to the USA. He is a friend of Trump and he could even become a senator in the 2024 US elections if he gets the Trump seal of approval. But I think he would have had enough of politics.

But, if Boris fails to leave, Nigel will spend the following four years building up a newly named Reform Party. He has already managed to lose four of the Tory infiltrators who have returned to the Conservatives. I found it suspicious that the Conservatives took them back so quickly.

There is a Chinese insult "May you live in interesting times". Alas, we are living in these interesting times.