Loyalty can be a double edge sword

Loyalty can be a double edged sword

I was in Tesco’s this morning (28th May 2019) and heard something which made me laugh. This guy, probably in his forties, was saying to his friend “I am totally loyal to the XYZ Party” [Name deleted to protect the guilty].

The whole problem in the UK and, in most other Western Countries, is that people are loyal to a political party come rain or shine, no matter what they do. I think you need to be loyal, rather, to your country.

In the last fifty years, I have voted for four different parties, taking into consideration world situations, this country's situation, and which party is promising what solution. Always my one aim is to pick the party which would do the best for my adopted country over the following four years. As a foreigner, I choose England as my adopted country rather than the United Kingdom.

I meet many leavers and remainers in my travels around my local town. The leavers want out of the EU, and the remainers originally wanted to stay in the EU - probably still do - but now seem a little sickened at the way their political representatives are behaving. After all the leavers did win.

Personally, I have been sick of the way politicians behave since 1955, and before that, I was sick of the way they behaved in my original country!

I didn’t vote for the Brexit Party for many reasons, but glad they are upsetting the two party system. Over my 65 years here, the two parties seem to adopt a “muggins turn”.

I am now wondering whether the Conservatives and Labour will start discussing the possibility of proportional representation. Let’s face it, they desperately need it now!

What do you think?