Friends and Enemies

Friends and enemies

This is about politics, but not about any particular party.

Parties tend to hate other parties and this, unfortunately has filtered down to the members.

I can understand it, especially if it is someone on the right opposing someone on the left.

But why do people hate someone for their beliefs? Surely everyone is entitled to their personal feelings and beliefs?

I have acquaintances in both the Labour party and the Conservative party - the former is actually a Councillor! I also have acquaintances both in UKIP, the Brexit Party and in the Liberal Democrats. Although close friends, naturally, tend to think the way I do.

Let the leaders hate each other, most of them are petty and worthless anyway.

There is too much hatred nowadays. It is not necessary, neither does it achieve anything.

The Government doesn't help, as I feel they were the ones that instructed the police to patrol the social media companies looking for comments that are not Politically Correct. So now all the anti PC people hate the police - which is a wrong but an understandable state of affairs!

It seems to me that the politicians, and the internationalists have a reason for wanting to split us up into “us or them”. This behaviour is certainly Marxist policy.

And we are all helping them.