Foreign aid is taxpayers money

A new idea for Foreign Aid.

The Office for Budget Responsibility has informed us that, by 2021, we will be spending in the region of £14,500,000,000 on Foreign Aid, that’s £14.5 billion!

There were 66,440,000 (66.4 million) people in the UK in 2018 so I’ll now use this combination of figures: That’s over £218 per person (not families – but includes individual children and babies). To paraphrase the funeral adverts - you can buy an awful lot of cups of coffee with that.

Many years ago, one of the national newspapers printed a long article about how many of the countries have acquired private jets, helicopters, homes in Monaco, large Mercedes limousines and equipped their armies with weapons designed to put down insurrection.

I don’t think this is right. There must be a better way and I wonder whether the following would work.

Many of my readers think the only aid we give should be disaster aid. And they have an excellent point. However, the following idea is shown on the assumption that we need to wean African and Eastern leaders off the Chinese and Russian aid. They put conditions on their aid, we don’t, so I think we should start thinking along these lines.

Russian and Chinese aid is used as bribes to adhere to their will. I really don’t want to go down that path – well, not completely.

We should give our aid and say these leaders can do what they want with their money. If they want limousines. Fine, but they must be bought in Britain and made, or at least assembled, in Britain. They can still have their Mercedes, as long as they have given us jobs by assembling them in Britain. If that were the rule, the German company would soon open a factory here – there are a lot of African and Eastern leaders around! We manufacture parts for Airbus and I believe Boeing. They’ll soon include their private jets if that was the rule!

Furthermore, we give them credits and not money, so we know they have to spend our money in our country. And, we should put in the public domain, how much each country gets and what they spend their credits on. Hopefully, it may curb their excesses, but I am not holding my breath! Perhaps our government should buy shares in Harrods!

If they want to build a dam or huge factory complexes, they use British parts and British engineers. More employment for our engineers.

I am sure there will be many who say, this can’t be done, and others saying it’s not fair!

Two points here are:

Where there is a will, there is always a way!

We have to be fair to taxpayers in Britain, this is their money!

My articles are not meant to be a ‘be all and end all’ but to get people thinking. This is not meant to be an end result.