Conspiracy Theories

I have noticed, when I used to talk about the NWO [New World Order] and Globalists who want open borders as an essential building block towards World Government, thus putting multi-billionaires in total control, many would hasten to get as far away from me as possible.

However, more recently, I have noticed more and more people I talk to actually bring up that subject first. People are slowly waking up to the terrible threat creeping up on us.

The idea of world government was originally mooted by the Rockerfellas way back in the early 18th Century and over the centuries they have attracted the Rothchild's and JP Morgan families. Popular thinking puts George Soros as the man behind the Globalists, but he is only on the secondary rank and is a tool of the three major banking families.

Donald Trump has been a major wrecker in these plans and, to me, the most amazing think is, that he is still alive and hasn't been assassinated. People throughout Europe are beginning to wake up to the problems creeping up on them.

Many wonder why the British Prime Minister is so desperately trying to lock the UK into the EU, but when you research her present family it becomes only all too clear. Her husband is a director of a Hedge Fund which controls $1.4 TRILLION US DOLLARS. I am pretty sure he is behind her actions. Who wouldn't want a slice of that cookie!

The EU is in far worse trouble than is apparent. There are problems in Poland, Austria, Italy, Greece – and Hungary is at odds with the EU. The EU’s greatest fear is not the potential loss of the UK’s billions, but that, unless they can stem the discontent, the EU could start crumbling.

History has shown, in Africa, in Ireland, in Russia, you cannot keep subjecting a people for too long. It was George Santayana* who said “To know your future you must know your past!” Or to rephrase this, to look at the future you must examine the past.

  • George Santayana, originally Jorge Augustín Nicolás Ruiz De Santayana, (born December 16, 1863, Madrid—died September 26, 1952, Rome), Spanish-American philosopher, poet, and humanist who made important contributions to aesthetics, speculative philosophy, and literary criticism.