Be a boy scout - be prepared

Be a boy scout. Be prepared

We are living in dangerous times, wherever you live in the world. However, my article mainly refers to those in Mainland EU, the UK and the USA.

When walking in the street, be aware of everyone around you. When crossing the road, don’t dart in front of vehicles, you never know the real intentions of the people behind the wheel. This part may not apply to many Americans as they go everywhere by car!

Try playing a game, when someone passes you, without turning around, see if you can describe their features, the clothes they wore, their approximate age and ethnicity. One day you may be trying to describe someone to the police.

How fit are you? How prepared would you be if a civil war erupted in your country. No, don’t laugh - we may not be that far away from one!

Are you fit, do you go to the gym? If you can’t afford it, you can always get an evening/weekend job delivering leaflets. That involves walking, stretching and there is a small amount of money in it at the end of the week.

I am 80, and pretty fit. I walk about 1 to 4 miles a day, never less than one mile come rain, snow or sleet. I also deliver leaflets, door to door, so I practise what I preach.

I’m not telling you to go for unarmed combat training, just to be fit, and observant.

I have a head start as I am from Africa, and actually carried a small .32 automatic pistol from the age of thirteen wherever I went. I can’t remember the name, but it was a Czech pistol my Boer (farmer) friend took off a [dead] German soldier in WWII. I also went hunting from Friday to Sunday with a Mannlicher M1895; this was from the Boer War and used the lower powered 8x50mm shells. However, London, where I live, is every bit as dangerous as Africa was when I lived there. If not more. And, no, PC Plod, I left these in South Africa when I left!

If you are attacked by a man, go for his balls and squeeze as hard as you possibly can. Hard enough for him to pass out with the pain. Then disappear!

If you are a male and got a lot of power in your arms and someone comes at you with a knife, scream as loud as you possibly can into his face, grab his knife arm and turn it back into his stomach. Providing you scream loud enough he will be paralysed. Then scarper. When the police analyse the knife for fingerprints, they’ll find his prints not yours.

If a civil war, there are two options.

A, Lock yourself into your cellar with a large supply of tinned food and bottles of water.

B. Contact the leader of your side and fight for freedom and justice.

So, to sum up, hone your observational skills and get your body fit. And, be ready for anything.