Banned from Twitter

I’ve been banned from Twitter

It has finally happened, and to be quite honest, I was expecting it for months. If not years. They gave no reason but it could have been one of these?

  • Too many tweets pro Trump.
  • Too many tweets pro Brexit.
  • Too many tweets anti open borders.
  • Too many tweets anti Globalists and New World Order.
  • Too many tweets anti the extreme left (Momentum and HateNotHope).

And, I did tweet Jack, their CEO that I suspected he had very peculiar tastes in his sex habits? But this was months ago!

But now I have already established myself on Telegram. Apart from having my own Channel for Ampers’ Rants, where I put links to new articles with just a two line description. This doesn’t upset my subscribers as it is so short.

I also have a channel on Minds and am also AmpersUK there. But this isn't used that much.

And I have a Group, where I can join my friends and we can chat, lightening fast, backwards and forwards. I actually had someone tell me Email was just as fast and it was all I could do to stop laughing out loud!

I am a member of Alex Jones’ group INFOWARS.COM on Telegram. I also follow Paul Joseph Watson’s channel and, occasionally I dip into Laura Loomer’s group, and very occasionally, Milo Yanopopopopolis (well, you know who I mean)! They’re all on Telegram And, here is a link to more banned Twitter people.

So I am now in very illustrious company. However, relax, as I have already indicated, I am not going to bring my politics into Ampers’ Rants.

I have just started an open group called Twitter Escapees where the Twitterati can join and chat, but let’s not slag off Twitter there, as it will become too boring.

You can find me at @AmpersUK for personal messages, the links to new articles on my website are at @AmpersRants and the Twitter group is at @TwitterEscapees so come and join in.