Was apartheid worse than the present South Africa?

Was Apartheid worse than the present South Africa

First of all, my history.

As a child I took an increasing interest in world history and, soon realised the adage “to know tomorrow, look at yesterday”. Although apartheid doesn’t really touch a child, I will repeat a story I often tell. When I was ten, my parents couldn’t go to church one Sunday and our pretty young black maid who looked after me took me to our Dutch Reform Church. I asked why she left me at the door and wouldn’t come in. She said “The church forbids blacks”. That was the day I became an Atheist. (Since then I have adopted Deism.)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, when I was fifteen, I left South Africa as history taught me that Apartheid couldn’t last.

During the Apartheid years when the ANC were being political further North of South Africa, the South Africans relaxed the rules and built up a very large black middle class. There were doctors, engineers, businesses – one guy in Durban had lots of stores and became a millionaire. Some owned expensive cars, one guy was stopped and arrested for driving an e-type Jaguar and the policeman couldn’t believe the guy actually owned it legally. I was told this by a SA policeman on holiday in London.

It was about this time that “Umkhonto we Sizwe” (Spear of the Nation) came into being. This was the armed wing co-founded by Nelson Mandela of the ANC and started a bombing campaign in South Africa. The South African intelligence was excellent and “Umkhonto we Sizwe” weren’t getting anywhere. Apart from “separate development” which was wrong, ordinary non-militants had nothing to fear from the white government and went about their lives in the normal way.

It was then that the ANC had half a brainwave (more about half later) and established the Anti-Apartheid Movement in Europe and the USA.poorer This was aimed at stopping Europeans and Americans from buying South African goods, as the aim wasn’t to cripple the white government but to destroy the black middle class. It did destroy the black middle class eventually but it also crippled the white government which was then handed over to Mandela. I mention about the half of a brainwave above because the last thing the ANC wanted to destroy was the wealth of the country. However they did.

The attitude now of the black government is to destroy the whites, the majority, including my volk, never hated the blacks and always treated their servants as human beings. Apart from a few Terblanches amongst them, most never treated blacks badly either.

The blacks (ANC & EFF in the main) hate the whites and are destroying them, even if it means destroying their country. Most Afrikaners who had any wealth have now left South Africa and I know of communities up in the north of New Zealand; in Sydney and Perth in Australia, Holland, Germany and I think there’s one in Belgium, and one, maybe two I have heard of in the USA. But many other countries as well.

Without their farming or business acumen or money, and the ANC’s hatred of whites is going to turn South Africa into another Zimbabwe.

One day they will want the farmers back as their people are starving to death, but, like the white farmers in Zimbabwe, those being asked to return are saying no as they have built up their lives elsewhere. This will be the same with Afrikaners from South Africa.

I left South Africa in 1955 and have built a very successful life in England and there is no way I would want to leave it.

There is an interesting website: caravantomidnight.com who are behind The Ark – an organisation to help the now impoverished Afrikaner farmers still there to leave and get farms in Eastern Europe and parts of the East. I am in the process of investigating them as I want to donate 20,000 rand (approx £1,000).

I always felt the whites should have had another term of government with the first half having an ANC member as the second in command in each ministry. Then the ANC guy taking over for the second half with the previous head of ministry advising. They may have made a success of it then. As it was, they took over not knowing a thing about government.