An exciting venture in London

An excellent idea from a London Borough.

Some concerned residents have clubbed together to start a new pressure group against their council.

The reason being that they are fed up with a council which fluctuates between Labour, Tory and the LibDems where all the councillors have to obey the diktats of their main parties in Westminster and the residents and smaller business problems are largely ignored.

The idea behind the group is to build membership up between now and the next London local elections in 2022 so they can field councillors. Their aim this next time is to just field one councillor in each of the wards and if they manage to get half elected, they will have enough councillors to wag the tail of whichever party gets in.

Their councillors will then vote against any proposals which are to the detriment of residents and small business. They will vote against any remuneration over that which the British Prime Minister receives. And, believe me, most councils have at least a few of those.

Because everyone does their small bit from home, there is no need for premises so they are able to lower membership charges to only £20 a year. This should cover accountancy fees, printing, hiring of rooms in each wards, letter paper, stamps, Bank fees, Paypal fees, card readers and fees and anything else I have missed out. They also give an Early Start discount of £5.

They are now forming a special not-for-profit company. Apart from not having to put Limited after their name, there are safeguards to stop any member benefiting financially and, if the venture is wound up, all assets have to be passed to another charity. So if any fly-by-night gets into a position of power to milk the group, he or she will be committing a criminal, not civil offence. At the end of each financial year, any profits will be used for newspaper advertising, or the next batch of leaflets, as they cannot be carried over, or given out to members. Nice! There are so many white collar criminals about nowadays.

Profits need to be dispersed at the end of each year, so next years leaflets can be purchased in advance and newspaper advertising so that, the October before election time, they can take large advertisements in the local newspaper to build up interest.

They’ve discovered a great leaflet firm who will print A6 leaflets in 400gsm (postcard thickness) at £475 for a whopping 50 thousand leaflets, and the aim is to dispense with 300,000 before the next election. Already one professional leafleteer has agreed to deliver free.

It’s beginning to generate a lot of interest, and the leafleting hasn’t even begun and already many people (according to Google Analytics), have visited the website, and it is all by word of mouth.

If anyone wants to get in contact with them, you can contact me at @AmpersUK on Telegram or go to the Ampers’ Rants Contact page on this website and I will put you in touch with somebody..